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NAJSLIFESTYLE is a family-based streetwear brand, founded by two brothers and best friends in 2016, Vaasa - Finland.

Started with a small line of hoodies, now expanding online and the collections are just getting bigger and bigger.

- We have always been interested in fashion and art, music, making creativity stuff. As kids we made everything from own t-shirts to skateboard decks and everything from scratch.

Influenced by music, art and everything around us we started making our own clothes because we didn't find clothes we wanted, that represented us, or we could relate to. If we found something cool, it was either sold-out or way too expensive. So, we started making our own clothes for us, then for our friends and now expanding online.

Our intention is to produce najs stuff, minimalistic and timeless fashion combined with streetwear for people like ourselves. With our clothes and our brand we want to inspire the youth to be brave and creative!

Follow our journey and don’t forget to; be true, be you & be najs!