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We asked ourselves, what's the reason people especially young people feel depressed or why they feel like they have a huge pressure on themselves?

Of course, there might be many reasons to that depending on the situation but there was one thing that often appeared in the context when we did our research. And that was: the pressure of social media.

In today's society with all the social media going on where people are highlighting their perfect lives where everything seems so perfect is affecting all the young people who look up to them. 

The problem is that they have huge pressure to live their best life, look a certain way. To gain attention, likes, followers. Just like greatness would be measured by how many likes they get or how many followers they have. That can result to serious problems like depression, anxiety, loneliness and sadness. 

But the truth is something else. Success is not about how your life looks to others. It is about how it feels to you. With this concept we want to embrace people to be true to themselves. Sometimes it might feel like the world is so busy telling us who we should be, that we might forget who we are.

You can be happy without comparing yourself to others. You don’t have to impress people because you are magnificent the way you are. Being your real, true authentic self is what is most awesome about you. 

That is why we chose the tagline for the concept to “be true, be you, be najs.” 


When we started thinking about the design our intention was to produce something unique, something that stands for being true to yourself. That's why we chose to make everything from the scratch, meaning all the design’s done by us, by a pencil and a paper. Not on a computer and a basic free font.

We wanted to design a symbol for the concept plus a text of the tagline.

The idea with the design was to come up with something that could represent the tagline by just having a look at it, so that you don't actually have to read the text to understand the idea. Or just by seeing the symbol you could imagine what the concept is about.

We wanted both the text and symbol to be non symmetrical. And especially with the typeface to show that each letter doesn't have to be the same size, or symmetrical. Some letter could be bold, some letter bigger or smaller. Some with extra details, so that all of them are different which makes the letters unique. Just like us humans, we are all unique and different. And that is our super power.

So this is a part of the result, hundreds of sketches later...


The concept contains several different products that will all be released at different times during February 2020. Some products will be limited and available only for a limited time. Make sure you don't miss any release dates by following us on Instagram!



The concept was released in February 2020 as a limited edition collection including t-shirts, hoodies and a canvasbag. The collection is now soldout.